How We Watch TV IN 2018

Things have really changed in the last 70+ years and the way we have watched TV has changed even more. 

The First Big Step was Cable TV. Introduced in the 1940’s Cable TV was originally introduced to enhance poor over-the-air reception of channels.

The Second Big Step was Satellite TV which started broadcasting in the 1960’s.

The Third Big Step was HBO. Launched in 1972 as a premium channel to watch movies at home.

The Fourth Big Step was CNN. The Cable News Network was launched in 1980 to watch news around the world.

The Fifth Big Step was MTV. In the beginning MTV was bound for glory with no other channel remotely gaining the viewership that this All Music Channel was receiving.

Many great channels had come and gone in the following years, but nothing really shook things up until cheater boxes and tools started showing up in the grey market. These gadgets would allow users to get premium content through their current cable or satellite providers for free. This is illegal niche industry is still strong today and pushing more into the streaming media market.

Then came the internet. Everything changed!  Suddenly websites and programs where showing up to download, watch, and stream movies. Many of these would be shut down, but every time one would be shut down, another would pop up. This led to the current state of TV.

Streaming Media. – Streaming Movies and TV Shows has almost become the norm. Commonplace streaming started with Netflix’s launch in 1997, but really took a huge turn in users starting in 2007. By 2014 it became so popular that many users started Bing-Watching their favorite television shows starting with season 1 until the end of the series!

How are you watching TV in 2018?

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  • What is your main TV service provider?

  • Which Of The Most Popular Steaming Services Do You Prefer?

    • Netflix
    • Hulu
  • Which Up-Coming Streaming Services Have You Used?

    • Amazon Video
    • Sling TV
  • What Portable Device Have You Used To Watch Movies or Shows

    • Laptop
    • Smartphone

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