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The International Crane Foundation

Created in 1973 by Ron Sauey and George Archibald, the International Crane Foundation, or ICF, has been around ever since working on a single mission, saving and educating about cranes. Located just north of Baraboo and south of the Wisconsin Dells, it is the only place in the world that houses all 15 crane species, and has come a long way in preventing the extinction of the Whooping Crane. In fact, there are only two known wild flocks of Whooping Crane, one left over from the original wild population of cranes, and the other was reintroduced by the ICF.

But, the International Crane Foundation does more than just crane reintroduction; it has a large restored prairie land as well. In fact, it is my opinion that the prairie at the ICF is one of the best looking prairies that I have ever visited. And, the grass trails through the wonderful landscape allow you to see, up close, all of the wildlife that prospers because of it.

Still, a visit to the ICF would not be complete without a guided tour. They have four different types of tours, ranging from Whooping Cranes to Conservation Leadership. There is definitely a tour that will fit any interested visitor. Just call ahead to see when tours are being offered on the day you are visiting.

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Written by Zach Johnson

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