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Category: Humor

If Wisconsinites had to choose – Beer vs. Cheese

In Wisconsin, the debate between beer and cheese is more than just a culinary preference; it’s a cultural phenomenon. Known as America’s Dairyland, Wisconsin boasts a rich tradition of cheese-making, producing an array of award-winning cheeses that are celebrated worldwide. From creamy cheddars to tangy blue cheeses, the state’s dairy artisans have perfected their craft over generations. However, alongside this dairy legacy, Wisconsin also holds a prominent place in the beer world. With a thriving craft beer scene and a history deeply rooted in German brewing traditions, Wisconsinites take their beer seriously. Whether sipping on a cold lager at a local brewery or pairing a hearty stout with a plate of cheese curds, beer enthusiasts revel in the diverse flavors and styles available. While the rivalry between beer and cheese may playfully divide residents, in reality, both are cherished staples of Wisconsin’s culinary identity, each offering a unique taste of the state’s rich heritage.

Will Cult Following Bring People to Wisconsin?

The new Wisconsin Tourism ads are a fun take on a cult comedy classic, Airplane!  The ridiculous humor and clever literal translations have many laughing out loud!     ) “Striker, you are too low, I know, but Wisconsin is so beautiful in the summer, so much to do.  Over” These ads were created by …

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