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Green Bay Packers vs Miami Dolphins Epic Last 60 Seconds of Game Play Pulls Out A Packer Win

Green Bay Packers vs Miami Dolphins Epic Last 60 Seconds of Game Play Pulls Out A Packer Win


If you watched the Packers @ Miami today then you saw one of the most excited 60 seconds of game play that I can remember in recent history.

After a fantastic first half the Dolphins swam their way back to take the lead in the second half but Rodgers wasn’t going to let that deter him his goal and like he said weeks ago to the fans “Relax.”

Late in the 4th quarter Rodgers took The Pack down the field and converted a much needed 4th down.

Then on a 2nd down on the 15 yard line Rodgers gave a call that appeared he was going to spike the ball to stop the clock. The defense apparently thought so too as the offensive line and defensive line just stood there. Rodgers stood back and pretended to spike it but he rolled to his right and threw the ball to rookie Davante Adams who gets to the 4 yard line and gets the 1st.


The announcers said he pulled a Marino and maybe I don’t remember seeing this play before from Marino but it AWESOME! and we need it more often!


Then Quarless gets the TD with three seconds left in the game. And FYI did you hear the screams from the crowd. I don’t think I’ve heard so much cheering from an opposing teams stadium before.


Then not to be outdone the Packers line drive the ball to make sure it doesn’t have a chance to get ran back for a TD from Jarvis Landry. The Dolphins downed the ball on the on the 25.

Then on the last play of the game. Tannehill throws to Jarvis Landry, then shuffles to Brian Hartline, then shuffles it back to Ryan Tannehill to throws it backward to Lamar Miller who runs it for some nice yardage and starts to get stopped and he tries shuffle pass but ends up fumbling and Julius Peppers recovers.


One of the most exciting Packer games I’ve seen in a long time!

What do you think?

Written by Lane

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