Week 5 NFL Picks

With everybody getting whiplash from the amount of news coming out that’s related to the NFL, many people may be wondering what could possibly be coming out next. With Ray Rice, Peterson, Concussion Cases, and now the FCC rule, who knows, ticket price increases….probably….a doping scandal? Let’s hope not. But I’ll tell you this, this is going to be a battle of the standings. Many of the teams playing against each other have the same record. Green Bay and the Vikings are both 2-2 so someone is walking away from that game being the worst in their division. You’ve got teams playing each other with 1-3 records and you can darn sure beat the farm that they are gonna work their tail off to make sure they aren’t the ones walking off 1-4. There’s a few 3-1 but the only two teams still undaunted as of yet are the Arizona Cardinals and the Cincinnati Bengals. Who would have guessed that at the beginning of the year huh? But it’s interesting to note that almost everyone chose Arizona to be defeated in their game against Denver.

Back back to Thursday Night Football and Aaron Rodgers taking on Minnesota in Green Bay! And folks it’s the perfect fall night for it. Crisp and cool with just enough bite in the air to make it worth it to buy that $8.00 cup of hot chocolate at Lambeau.

NOTE – once again someones not picking for the week on the ESPN panel so there are only 12 picks

So here are the picks for this weeks games

Minnesota Vikings @ Green Bay Packers

725 pm CBS

ESPN 12 for GB

Machine GB

Vegas GB -8



Chicago Bears @ Carolina Panthers

1200 Fox

ESPN 10 Chicago 2 Carolina

Machine Carolina

Vegas Carolina -3

Me Carolina


Cleveland Browns @ Tennessee Titans

1200 CBS

ESPN 10 Cleveland /  2 Tennessee

Machine Tennessee

Vegas Tennessee -1

Me Cleveland


St. Louis Rams @ Philadelphia Eagles

1200 Fox

ESPN 1 St. Louis / 11 Philadelphia

Machine Philadelphia

Vegas Philadelphia -7.5

Me St. Louis


Atlanta Falcons @ New York Giants

1200 Fox

ESPN 2 Atlanta / 10 New York

Machine New York

Vegas New York -4

Me New York


Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ New Orleans Saints

1200 Fox

ESPN 12 Tampa Bay

Machine New Orleans

Vegas New Orleans -11

Me New Orleans


Houston Texans @ Dallas Cowboys

1200 CBS

ESPN 12 Dallas

Machine Dallas

Vegas Dallas -6

Me Dallas

Do you know that I still find myself typing Houston Oilers after all these years. My kids have no idea what I am talking about when I say Houston Oilers. They think I am making up names of football teams. I’ve had to give them a sportification. That’s an education on sports in case you were wondering.


Buffalo Bills @ Detroit Lions

1200 Fox

ESPN 12 Detroit

Machine Detroit

Vegas Detroit -7.5

Me Detroit


Baltimore Ravens @ Indianapolis Colts

1200 CBS

ESPN 4 Baltimore / 8 Indianapolis

Machine Indianapolis

Vegas Indianapolis -3.5

Me Indianapolis


Pittsburgh Steelers @ Jacksonville Jaguars

1200 CBS

ESPN 12 Pittsburgh

Machine Pittsburgh

Vegas Pittsburgh -7

Me Pittsburgh


Arizona Cardinals @ Denver Broncos

305 Fox

ESPN 2 Arizona / 10 Denver

Machine Denver

Vegas Denver -7

Me Denver

It’s interesting to note that one of only two teams still left undefeated is being bet against to lose. Why is that? Denver’s record is 2-1 and they had a bye last week but so did Arizona. So they are both heading into the week refreshed. Difference is Denver had a loss before the bye and Arizona a win. So are the odd makers thinking that Denver has more to prove at home and that’s why they are favored, or does Arizona have more to prove to keep their record perfect? It’ll be interested to see how it plays out.


Kansas City Chiefs @ San Francisco 49ers

325 CBS

ESPN 1 Kansas City / 11 San Francisco

Machine San Francisco

Vegas San Francisco -6.5

Me San Francisco


New York Jets @ San Diego Chargers

325 CBS

ESPN 12 San Diego

Machine San Diego

Vegas San Diego -7

Me San Diego


Cincinnati Bengals @ New England Patriots

730 NBC

ESPN 11 Cincinnati / 1 New England

Machine Cincinnati

Vegas Cincinnati -1.5

Me Cincinnati


Seattle Seahawks @ Washington Redskins

730 Monday Night Football ESPN

ESPN 12 Seattle

Machine Seattle

Vegas Seattle -7.5

Me Seattle

Is this even really a question? This should be a blowout about as bad at the one between the Falcons and Tampa Bay back in week 3.


What do you think?

Written by Lane B


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