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Emergency Crews Respond to Fire On State Road in Chilton

A fire broke out a W2992 State Road in Chilton, WI today sometime after 12:30pm (Sunday 8/23/2015). Emergency


crews from Brillon, Chilton, Stockbridge and Hilbert all responded. However, by the time they had arrived the barn, farm, chicken coop and silos were all engulfed in flames. The smoke was so thick that it was hard to see the buildings and the fire but the smoke was visible from miles away.

The property owners parents were on scene and stated that they owners were out of state at the time and they did not know if anyone else was on the property at the time. They also did not know who reported the fire. One of the relatives was using a bobcat to move as much property out of the way of the flames as possible as firefighters


battled the blaze. At the time that Found In Wisconsin was on the scene and spoke to the property owners parents they stated that they believed the house was not yet affected by the fire as it was set far enough back from the buildings that were engulfed in flames.


Sections of State Road and McHugh Road were shut down in order to allow emergency crews to battle the blaze properly.  The cause has yet to be determined.

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