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One Night with Seether




Several years ago at Rock USA I had the pleasure of seeing Seether play….from the way way back in general seating. It was fine. They sang well, performed well. I usually gauge a band based on how much they engage the audience. At that time they just rocked the audience. No time for chit chat. At the same time I don’t like bands that do the obligatory “How you doing Green Bay!! Or Wisconsin!!” 

I like a little something in the middle. Two bands that stick out for me is Sevendust when they came through supporting their new acoustic album and Papa Roach this past 2015 Rock USA.

So, anyway. In regards to the Rock USA gig. They did fine. Musically they were tight and enjoyable. Now I have met quite a few bands in my time and 90% of the time the bands you meet suffer some sort of “I’m better than you” syndrome and worse yet are the lead singers. These guys suffer from LSS – lead singer syndrome. This often leads to them retreating immediately to their designated areas and not conversing with the opening bands or “non” their group people at all. This is where Seether floored me.


            A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of covering Seether at the Outgamie County Fair with Red Light Saints opening the show. First, to put what I am about to tell you into prospective let me remind you how popular Seether is. This isn’t just a one hit wonder band. “Fine Again” US Active Rock #1 single, “Remedy”, “Fake It”, “Country Song”, and “Words as Weapons” all four were #1 hits on the Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks. That’s not even counting the songs that people just love and are popular like “Broken” (#4 on the charts), “Gasoline”, “The Gift” and “Careless Whisper”.


Now fast forward to the Outgamie County Fair 2015. Red Light Saints opened the concert and Holy Crap did they bring it. They rocked that crowd into a frenzy and did not let up until the absolute last note. There was pulse that just emanated throughout the entire crowd. Both the band and the crowd fed off of eachother and it was intoxicating. The crowd knew who the Red Light Saints were as they were chanting “Say What You Will” (RLS’s first single). The audience sang along with all their songs. It was an amazing start to the concert.



Seether came out and immediately took the energy that the Red Light Saints whipped up and took it up to 100. Like before there wasn’t a lot of talking. It was all about the music. This isn’t a band that’s going to do the whole “How ya doin WISCONSIN! Let me hear ya!” They just play and play. They came to play the songs you want to hear and they sound amazing playing them. I was sitting right up by the speakers taking pictures and the sound was amazing which is usually not the case. When I went out by the audience it sounded even more amazing. These guys are seriously talented. They played every song you wanted to hear. “Broken” “ Gasoline” “Fine Again”. I never wanted the show to end and who knew that that little wish would soon be granted.



At the end of the Outgamie County Fair show I went backstage to join up with the Red Light Saints and my daughter who was accompanying me. We were all standing around talking about the show and Shaun and Dale just easily slide into the conversation. My daughter, husband and myself easily had a 30 minute conversation with Dale. He had some amazing stories and it was a joy to talk to him. He was one of the least affected people I have ever met. Just an amazingly nice guy. However, Seether had a 4 am flight to meet up with the rest of their tour and the fill in guitarist and drummer were all ready to get to bed. Travis from Red Light Saints was talking to Shaun and Shaun was anything but ready for bed.

IMG_5081aHe made plans to meet us all at Phatheadz but secretly we all figured he’d never show up. Imagine our surprise when he pulls up in a Uber. Then he walks in like a regular dude. He spent the whole night jamming with the band, singing songs, signing autographs, taking pics, dancing, laughing, telling stories, and just being goofy. In fact him and I had a 10 minute geek fest over Game Of Thrones and how JON SNOW got completely SCREWED OVER!!! George Martin do you have a problem with the Starks? Seriously you have killed off almost every single one of them except the kids. You left the two girls and the boy wasn’t even shown this last season. Jon Snow was the last good looking good guy!! You better have a good idea on how to bring him back to life! Ok anyway…that’s basically how our conversation went about Jon Snow, and our disdain for his death.  He even gave my daughter life lessons. If someone just walked into Phatheadz and didn’t know who Shaun Morgan was they would think he was just some normal Green Bay guy having a good time.


There are a lot of great bands out there and unfortunately a lot of those bands know that they are on a much higher level than we are. This guy just didn’t show it or act like it. I’m sure someone somewhere has a story of him where he did something wrong at sometime or was a douchbag but hey everyone has a bad day at some point. It’s gotta be hard always being under the spot light. He gave my daughter an experience she’ll never forget and something that none of her friends will ever have and all because he was just acting like a normal guy. Not someone who has had number 1 songs, a record contract and has famous friends.

So, if you are a Seether fan and even if you are just a rock fan. Go out and support these guys. Not only are they genuine rock stars but they are just awesome people.



What do you think?

Written by Lane B


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