Eminence – The Rock Band You Have To Hear


So there I am at the Rock for Autism event when lo and behold I find myself face to face with an all girl rock band called Eminence. WHOA!? When did THAT happen? It is something that is lacking in the rock scene and has been lacking for a long time. We have fine ladies that front current rock bands like In This Moment and Evanescence and some amazing bands that were all girl bands like Vixen back in the 80’s but today there is no current radio played all 


girl rock band. 

IMG_5654aWith rock being on the endangered list thus far due to award shows shunning them completely (anyone watch the VMAS? I didn’t notice any awards for best rock album) an all female group could be just what rock needs to reawaken the world. 

We sat down for a moment and I got to know the girls. They have been together for 1 year and Bad Habitz helped get them started. The band is Molly McCarthey age 16 plays Rythym Guitar, Kenzie Dupey age 17 plays Lead Guitar, Colleen Cline age 17 Lead Singer, Caitlin Sweeney age 16 plays Drums, and Alex Stricker age 18 who plays Bass Guitar.


They got together in the same way most bands did. In the hodge podge sort of way. It started with one person who knew someone and they got together and started jamming and then they needed a Blank (fill in instrument) and someone you know, knows someone or answers an ad. That’s usually how it happens.


They struck gold with their current lineup as they have already been able to play the BMO Harris stage at Summerfest opening for Tonic within their first year. They are currently working on originals and are hoping to get those out to their fans soon.

Their show at the Rock for Autism was amazing. It was full of energy and did not disappoint. Your eyes are drawn all over the stage as all the girls have something special to see. Colleen is a natural showman, but then you are also drawn to watching Molly, Caitlin and Kenexi. The energy that comes off of them is intoxicating. You feel younger just being around them. You won’t get the same type of explosive type of energy from Alex but watching her mastering the bass with those glowing strings is mesmerizing.

We look forward to seeing them more and more in the future. If you see them playing around you go out and check them out. You WON’T be disappointed.

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Written by Lane B


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