Fall finishes with an explosion of color.

For the most part, fall is past peak color in Wisconsin. There are a few valleys, stretches of road and lakesides that are still very vibrant but for the most part Fall colors are finished. As I look out my window at the passing ground covered in a patchwork blanket of leaves quilted by nature to help nourish the land in spring, I am excited for that first snow. Granted, I am not so much looking forward to the second snow. The first snow, hold that magical something that makes it beautiful. Particularly here in Wisconsin. I was hoping for that rare mixing of seasons that the state of New York experienced this last week or so. They had a semi-heavy snowfall just as their fall colors were in full bloom. This mixing of seasons results in a mixture of a winter wonderland on the ground and very vibrant colors in the tress. Maybe, just maybe, we might catch something like that in the next week or so. Then again, maybe not. Fall this year has been one of the best I have seen in my short time in Wisconsin and I appreciate the time I took to get out and take pictures. I hope you got out and enjoyed it as well.

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Written by Scott Shetly

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