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Drive Thru er No?

Let’s take a look at the benefits, the horrors, and vote on your favorite Drive-Thru. Feel free to comment with a Drive-Thru experience you find news-worthy! What are the Best Drive-Thru’s in the United States?

It seems like the world is going by at a very high rate of speed and most of us are barely hanging on for the ride. That may be why more than 75% (a rough # from some general internet research) of Americans have or frequent Drive-Thru’s. Let’s face it, most of the time you can get your food in under 5-10 minutes (that is including wait time in line behind other cars during busy times) and you are on your way and more than likely eating while you are commuting.

Now this article is not supposed to scare your from or promote drive-thru’s, but we wanted to bring light to some things that may or may not know.

  • Drive Thru times are getting slower  – according to a study done by QSR Magazine (QSR = ‘quick serve restaurant’) in 2014, wait times at Drive Thru Restaurants are getting slower.
  • The Best Time to hit a Drive Thru – Mid-Afternoon seems to be the best time to go through a Drive Thru. That is overall a less busy time and then employees seem to be in a better mood making the overall experience better and faster. See the QSR SURVEY
  • Phone Apps are the future of Drive Thru – Many young american’s, especially in big cities with no vehicle of their own, are using phone apps to order and pay for their food. A few companies already doing this include: Starbucks, Taco Bell, Panda Express, and White Castle.
  • The Quality of Food – Overall the quality of food in Drive Thru’s has gotten better including Healthy Choices, even Gluten-Free, at many of locations.
  • It’s the Employees that make or break it – For the most part this is true…..obviously the food has to be good, but if the employee treats you good or bad that can determine whether you will be back!


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Written by Daniella B

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