BREAKING UPDATE: (Teens Found!) Search for 3 Missing Teens in Dodge County

The search is under way for 3 missing teens in Dodge County that have not been seen since 3pm yesterday afternoon. They are believed to be in or near the Iron Ridge Mines in Neda, near Horicon, WI.

According to the Dodge County Sheriff’s logs, the three boys were reported missing around 10pm Sunday though they had not been seen since around 3pm.

The search is difficult as there are many tunnels in the abandoned mine.

We hope the boys will be found ok soon, and we will post any updates we receive on this story.

UPDATE 8:45am – 

Iron Ridge along with Milwaukee and Madison Fire Dept are involved in the search.

The boys bikes were found near the mine which promoted the search in and around the mine area. It is still unknown if the boys got into the mine.

The mine is not open to the public. All known entrances have locks and had not been tampered with, however it is possible the boys may have found an entrance that may have opened due to deterioration. There are 4 miles of tunnels in the mine, and the area is heavily wooded making the search difficult.

Three teenage boys (from left to right: Zachary Heron, 16; Tate Rose, 16; and Samuel Lein, 15) are missing in Dodge County.
Three missing teenage boys: (from left to right: Zachary Heron, 16; Tate Rose, 16; and Samuel Lein, 15)

2:00PM BREAKING UPDATE: Teens Found!

The teens who went exploring an abandoned mine were found safe with only a few cuts and bruises. Reports are claiming that they could not find there way out of the mine.

We are happy they were found safe!


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