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10 Things You May Not Know About Cheese

Being from Wisconsin, there are not too many things we don’t eat or know about if it involves cheese. But one thing is certain, there is always something to learn from someone, somewhere. After a little research, I discovered some things I never knew about cheese and wanted to share them with you. Here are 10 Things You May Not Know About Cheese.

  1. CHEESE LAW – From 1935-1937 restaurants were required (by LAW) to serve a small portion of cheese and butter with meals.
  2. Illegal Cheese – The FDA (of the USA) has stricter aging standards than other countries! The Brie (French Cheese) you are buying is not the real thing!
  3. Healthy Teeth – Cheese is very rick in Calcium which is great for your teeth!
  4. Cheese De-Icer? – With so much cheese whey from Cheese being made in Wisconsin, testing has been done using it to prevent rock salt from freezing.
  5. Are You a Turophile? – People who love cheese are actually called Turophiles.
  6. $600/lb. – Yep! Pule is the highest priced cheese made in Serbia from donkey milk.
  7. Are you a Cheesehead? – Many people are proud to be called Cheeseheads…..but did you know that it used to be a derogatory name for wisconsinites!
  8. Mice Don’t Like Cheese! – It is a myth! Mice actually avoid cheese… I would stick to peanut butter on your traps!
  9. A $28K Grilled Cheese! – In 2004 a Grilled Cheese Sandwich that had a resembelence of the Virgin Mary sold on ebay for $28,000.
  10. Cheese on Apple Pie – I grew up in Wisconsin and have never tried this, buy evidentally people in Wisconsin do put cheese on their apple pie!

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Written by Lane

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