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Favre’s Hall of Fame Display Includes a Vikings Jersey

A few Packer Fans are a little up in arms over a picture (courtesy of ESPN) of Brett Favre’s Hall of Fame display that clearly shows a Vikings Jersey among all of the Green Bay Packer Memorabilia.

It took a long time for the hurt and betrayal feelings that most Packer fans felt after a ‘Retired’ Brett Favre came back to the game we love wearing a purple jersey. Brett playing for one of Green Bay’s biggest rivals? It seemed like a bad dream!  That whole season people were very bitter about the situation…..but it began to wear off by his second and last year in the game with the Minnesota Vikings.

In the years to follow most fans had gotten over the whole fiasco, especially since the Packers has been playing very well led by our new claim to fame Aaron Rodgers. Then along comes Brett Favres induction into the Hall of Fame. All seems right with the world. Packer and Favre Fans from all over the world are excited for this prestigious honor. Then this picture is shared across the internet. What is your reaction?

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Written by Lane

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