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Dexter Review – Netflix/Showtime

I fought this one for a long long time. Even when it was on Showtime I fought it. I thought “Phhh a show about a serial killer who works for the police? Pllluuuuzzzzz. I am way to sophisticated for a show like that.”

However, one late night my husband and I were sitting in the living room after something had ended and I was browsing through what was available.

Weeds? Nope don’t want to watch something about Dope. Dope is for dopes. (Eventually we ended up watching it)

Orange is the New Black? Ehhhhhh I don’t know…..

House of Cards? We tried a few episodes and just couldn’t get into it.

So, with a sigh and a click I gave in.

Dexter won out. I started it but I didn’t have much hope. Right from the beginning I didn’t really get it. I mean seriously it opened up with him driving around Miami at night and you are hearing his thoughts. It was just weird. It didn’t grab me. Not at all in fact. It starts with his ritual but that almost turned me off from the show immediately. But I had to stick to it.

But before I get too much more into the show let’s lay down the premise.

Dexter is a Blood Splatter Analyst (yes that is a real job) by day and a serial killer at night. But he only kills people who deserve to be killed. His original parents are gone and as a young child he was adopted by a police officer. When his adoptive father discovered his killer tendandcies he tried to help him channel his desires into being able to do some good by only going after bad people.

So, back to the first episode. About 4 and a half minutes into the episode (which felt like forever) I started to pay a little more attention, but I was still a little “Eh…”

Once the show switched from his night time job and transitioned to him interacting with others (including his sister) that is when the show really picked up.

You find that Dexter (the character) is very funny. His sister Deborah has a very dirty mouth and it is actually quite funny also. From the moment you see Dexter and Deborah interact and you hear his humor and see that he isn’t a psychopath the show finally starts to click.

Another great character from the show is Masuka. He is very much the intended comic relief.

It took my husband 3 episodes of only partly listening to get into the show and then he was hooked. This was one of the rare shows that there were days we would start a season after the kids left for school and then we would stay up all night until they woke up finishing the season.

We were hooked it was impossible for us to not watch.

Of course there were the usually things as the seasons progresses. Like his sister always get in trouble, he’s always just walking the line of getting caught, so on and so forth. But it is so entertaining.

To this day we still hold all other series to the Dexter Scale.

How good is the show compared to Dexter? We have not found a show that is as good as Dexter.

One day we hope that Dexter will return to Showtime.






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