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An Evening with Eve to Adam


The name Eve to Adam came to founding member Taki from the epic Illiad Paradise Lost. More specifically The Wedding Poem “Eve To Adam” Book IV.

So, it is no mere coincidence that their new album is titled after another epic Illiad “Odyssey.” Eve to Adam have written their own epic story over the past 15 years. They have battled record labels, lost members, had missteps with song releases and traveled a long hard road before finally having their big radio hit with “Immortal”. Although “Straightjacket Supermodel” was posed to be the big hit off of ‘Locked & Loaded’ it’s release was not smooth and ‘Immortal’ (by the bands surprise) took off. ‘Immortal’ went on to hit number #17 in Mainstream Rock and #13 in Active Rock and “Straightjacket Supermodel” hit #38 in Mainstream Rock and #36 in Active Rock.

The band consists of founding members brothers Taki Sassaris (pronounced TAH-kee SA-suh-ruhs – vocals) and Alex Sassaris (drums – Chris Warner touring drummer) – Markus Wells I (Guitar) – Matt Spaker (Guitar).

If you have noticed there is no bass player. No that doesn’t mean that they have gone all The White Stripes or The Black Keys…they are just in the process of finding a new one.

First generation Greek brothers Taki and younger brother Alex created Eve to Adam in 1997 in Florida. They then moved to New York City and started working with famed songwriter and producer Desmond Child. You might not recognize his name but you know his songs – Bon Jovi’s ‘Livin on a Prayer’ ‘ You Give Love a Bad Name’, ‘Bad Medicine’, ‘Born to Be My Baby’, Aerosmith’s ‘Dude (Looks Like a Lady),  Joan Jett’s ‘I Hate Myself for Loving You’. That was all Child. Almost right away they got onto a big tour with the Scorpions and Motley Crue in 99. However, in the new millenia it was quickly realized that Child’s vision for Eve to Adam and the Sassaris’s brothers vision didn’t line up and so they cut ties and moved on.

They spent the next 13 years touring and recording. In 2013, they hooked up with Dave Bassett, Eric Bass, and Elvis Baskette for ‘Locked & Loaded’. All three guys are monsters in their areas and the album thrust the band into the spotlight with ‘Immortal’ and ‘Straightjacket Supermodel’ both charting.

After injecting the band with some new blood, Eve to Adam was ready to kick some ass, record another killer album and get back on the road.

Found in Wisconsin caught up with them at Phatheadz during their Tongue Tied toured shortly after ‘Odyssey’ was released. The band was gracious enough to take some time and talk to us about many different things in a nice little interview.



To start the evening local rock favorites (and 2017 WAMI nominees) Red Light Saints opened the show. They got the party moving with
a barrage of crowd favorites and a few new songs the band has been working on. They hope to be releasing a new album later this year. Check them out at




Message from Sylvia, who is touring on the Tongue Tied tour, took the stage. Not knowing a lot about them I really enjoyed their show. Just like Eve to Adam they have brothers on the band but this time they have three – the Lopez-Smith brothers, Dane, Isaac, and Zachary. Their set was upbeat, full of energy and set the stage perfectly for Eve to Adam to come out and blow the roof off of Phatheadz. Check out their Facebook at MessagefromSylvia





Eve to Adam came out immediately and didn’t wait to get the crowd going. Taki once said that he doesn’t like labeling the band as “Rock, Metal, Alternative” but when they hit that stage it didn’t matter what they were “called” all that mattered was the pulse pounding, guitar driven, rhythm pulsating through the crowd and Taki’s voice weaved through it, complimenting perfectly. Each song was perfect. They played many songs off of their new album “Odyssey” and some off of previous albums including “Immortal.” When they left the stage, they left you wanting more.



Markus and Matt elegantly created waves of hard shredding guitar riffs and solos that until recently have been devoid in the rock scene but are luckily making a comeback. Watching Markus’s fingers fly across his LTD fretboard whipping notes into a frenzy was like watching Mozart with a paint brush.


Chris Warner took over drums for Taki’s younger brother Alex during this tour and his masterful use of the double bass didn’t make you miss a live bass player one bit. It kept your head bouncing and your body moving.




After the guys were done with their set they stayed out and hung out with all the fans. I learned a lot about Eve to Adam and Message to Sylvia.

For instance did you know that Taki owns a bar in New York called Pinks Bar & Grill at 242 East 10th Street New York, NY.  (It is where his brother – Alex – is during this tour) So, next time you are in New York be sure to stop by Pinks for a beer and a taco.

I also learned that my daughter has a huge crush on one of the brothers of Message from Sylvia and apparently I embarrassed her horribly.

The guys in both Message from Sylvia and Eve to Adam were down to earth and amazing to talk to. They were willing to share their time with everyone in the bar.

I have had the honor to meet with and to spend time with many bands. It is rare to find a band that is willing to take time to just hang out with their fans. Let’s hope that when this album goes double platinum that they will stay grounded and still have time to spend with their fans.





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Written by Lane

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