28 Top Cover Bands in Wisconsin – Vote For Best of 2017

There is a lot of talent in Wisconsin… it was very hard to choose the Best Cover Bands. Our results are based on a lot of research, our reader’s input, and audience feedback. We believe this list to be pretty accurate and welcome comments!

NOW – Help us determine which band is: ‘THE BEST COVER BAND IN WISCONSIN 2017’ by placing your vote!

OK – IF YOU ARE CAUGHT TELLING PEOPLE TO CHEAT – YOUR BAND WILL BE REMOVED! – In the end – no matter what the poll says…we will double check the votes and 1 vote per user (checked by IP) will be allowed. With any voting their always seems to be a way to try to cheat….but we ask you all to please take the high road and be honest. Being part of this list you are already being recognized as a Top Wisconsin Cover Band. You are all great musicians…..please play fair.

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What do you think?

Written by Lane

Scotty’s Bar & Pizza – Milwaukee, WI

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