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Football and Nascar’s Most Eligible Hotties Have Hooked Up

Wisconsin most loved Packer Aaron Rodgers has a new girl and it is the lovely Nascar hottie, Danica Patrick. Danica Patrick confirmed that she is indeed dating Aaron Rodgers via the Associated Press.

This pair doesn’t seem THAT unlikely…I mean Danica Patrick is a Wisconsite!! GO BELOIT!!! Even though she is a Bear fan…Boo Danica. Boo on you.

But now that she is dating Aaron maybe she will oust that team to the south and switch the the Green and Gold and original home to the Lombardi Trophy.

So….who knows. Down the road we may see and awesome Wisconsin wedding with the Queen of Nascar and One of the Greatest Quarterbacks in the history of Football.

Then we will have lil Nascar Football babies running around Wisconsin!!!!! And ironically this whole article came up because I am watching a documentary on Danica Patrick and was wondering who the guy on the show was that she was dating and asked Google and BAM it came up that she JUST confirmed that she is dating Aaron.

Now, in the documentary she has said that she has frozen her eggs so that she can have kids at any time that she is ready and that she is ready to get married when she meets the right guy. But that she doesn’t think she will be ready to have kids until she is done with racing. Well, she is now retired.

I think the stars are aligned. Wisconsin royalty with Wisconsin royalty.

Go Danica and Rodger!

What do you think?

Written by Alisa Bashaw

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