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Culver's What Is It Known For?

I’ve been in Wisconsin since 2014 and when I first got introduced to their delicious ButterBurger, cheese curds and chocolate shake, I was in heaven it was so much better than In N Out where I’m from which is Utah. Now that I’m writing I thought why not talk about Culver’s and what they are famous for and how it came to be as it was established in Wisconsin. 

So, what is Culver’s known for? I’m sure we all know the answer but it is; of course ButterBurgers and frozen custards. Can you believe there’s over 500 locations in 22 states and most of them are in Midwestern states. 

Who came up with Culvers? There are four people that founded Culvers and they are Craig C. Culver, Lea Culver, George Culver and Ruth Culver. In 1984, Craig and Lea along with Craig’s parents George and Ruth opened their first establishment in Sauk City, Wisconsin, in their hometown. George, the son of cheesemaker and Wisconsin farmer spent early part of his career inspecting and grading dairy farms for the Wisconsin Dairies Cooperative, while George did that, his wife Ruth stayed home to raise three children and instilling them in Wisconsin values. 

I’m going to back track here to how this all started. In 1961 George and Ruth saw an opportunity to open their first restaurant, they opened this with no knowledge of training but with Ruth’s hospitality and warming personality and George’s knowledge of the kitchen, both made a great team and their kids serving customers delicious food and it is now a model of many successful restaurants. In 1984, George put together an idea of his mom’s homemade hamburgers and favorite childhood treat, frozen custards and is their signature; Culver’s ButterBurgers and Fresh Frozen Custard. 

So, if it wasn’t for George and Ruth and his parents there would’ve been no Culvers and their delicious ButterBurgers and fresh frozen custards. I think it’s kinda neat how things comes into play when people back in the day created things that today’s society can enjoy them but we don’t always think of how things came to be so this is why I thought it would be an awesome idea to write things that were based in Wisconsin so that we can all learn a little bit new everyday. 



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