Wisconsin State Laws- Very True, Yet Strange

I thought I would do something a little fun and different for today’s article. There are eleven very strange laws here in Wisconsin and from what I have seen they are very absurd but it had happened at one point in time and may still be a law to this day. 

  1. Margarine Is Illegal To Serve: Wisconsinites attempted to smuggle margarine from 1925 to 1967 as it was banned to sell. But it is no joke, this law has been set in place since 1895 and it still stands today, restaurants cannot serve margarine unless customers orders it. Governor Warren Knowles called margarine, “The yellow stick from Satan himself”. Also, prisons, hospitals, schools or other state institution cannot serve margarine unless necessary for health reasons. 
  2. It Is Illegal Not To Give Livestock The Right-Of-Way: We must give farm animals the right of way on Wisconsin roads and highways. It’s so thoughtful for Wisconsin to come up with this law for them poor animals to protect them from crazy drivers especially as they don’t have long to live as they become dinner.
  3. When Two Trains Meet, Neither Should Proceed Until The Other One Has: I totally had to read this more than once to make sense of it. Would be comical if engineers actually follow this law, bet it made quite some delays on the railway. What about them livestock on railroad tracks, I mean they do call them things on the front ‘cowcatchers’ after all. 
  4. Businesses May Only Base Their Hours On Central Time: If you are a business owner, your store hours has to be advertised in Central Time otherwise you would be fined $25-$500 and be jailed for 10-30 days. Sounds kinda confusing isn’t it? 
  5. It Is A Crime To Harass A Seeing-Eye- Dog in Wisconsin: I wonder why this is even a law, I mean it’s common sense isn’t it? Guess you have to be a real jerk to mess around with a dog that’s guiding a disable person. 
  6. Wisconsin Cheese Must Be “Highly Pleasing”: Well I guess Wisconsin wasn’t kidding when there is cheese laws. Did you know you are required to have a master cheese making license in order to make Limburger cheese? Apparently it’s also illegal to make baby Swiss cheese without well-developed eyes. 
  7. Adultery- Class I Felony: Cheating can land you in prison, supposedly anyone who got caught cheating on their spouse, can be fined $10,000 and up to three years in prison. This law was placed in 1849 which was a year after Wisconsin became a state! 
  8. You Can’t Force Someone To Have A Microchip Implanted: Say what now?? I guess per ObamaCare that all Americans will be forced to get RFID microchip implanted by 2017. Out of five States Wisconsin is one of them that it is illegal. I guess that’s what I get for not following the news! As I’ve never heard of this blasphemy before! 
  9. It Is Illegal To Shoot Animals From An Airplane: Who in their right minds would want to go hunting in a plane? I mean shoot what? Birds? Would be a interesting twist plot story when hunting season comes around. 
  10. It Is Illegal To Blow Up A Muskrat House: I wonder if Wisconsin State Legislature were so bored out of their minds that they made this a law, I mean, what happens if I stick some dynamite in a prairie dog hole? I guess it’s a good thing if you are a muskrat, it means you are safe! 
  11. It Is Illegal To Sell Colored Chicks, Ducklings or Rabbits: I mean why would you want to dye colors on them poor animals? Might be best just to stick to decorating eggs. But speaking of chicks and ducklings, did you know it is against the law for people of Minnesota to cross the border into Wisconsin with a duck or chicken on their heads? Seems very well logical. It is your civic duty as a Wisconsinite to send them feathered Minnesotan back where they belong! 

It’s pretty interesting what you learn! I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did and reading some of them I had a confused look on my face and thinking man, some people are just crazy! But it is what it is! 

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