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Digideez and Found in WI Partner to Create Scenic Wisconsin NFTS

In a remarkable collaboration, Digideez, a digital design powerhouse, and Found in Wisconsin, an esteemed e-zine highlighting the charm of Wisconsin, have merged their talents to introduce Scenic WAX NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) capturing the mesmerizing landscapes of the Badger State.

Wisconsin, renowned for its natural splendor spanning from the Great Lakes to its rolling hills, serves as the inspiration for this groundbreaking venture. Through the lens of technology and creativity, Digideez and Found in Wisconsin aim to immortalize the state’s beauty in digital form, offering enthusiasts the chance to own a digital piece of its allure through NFTs.

Leveraging their respective strengths, Digideez’s proficiency in digital design and NFT creation meets Found in Wisconsin’s deep understanding and appreciation of the state’s culture and landscapes. Together, they meticulously curate and craft each NFT to encapsulate the essence and nostalgia of Wisconsin’s diverse terrains.

By choosing the WAX blockchain for this endeavor, the partnership ensures transparency, security, and accessibility for collectors worldwide. This decentralized platform guarantees the authenticity and integrity of each NFT while providing a seamless experience for collectors to acquire and cherish these digital treasures.

The collection of Scenic WAX NFTs will showcase Wisconsin’s myriad landscapes, from the tranquil shores of Door County to the majestic bluffs along the Mississippi River. Each NFT is a testament to the state’s natural beauty, inviting viewers to embark on a virtual journey through its picturesque scenery.

Beyond their visual appeal, these NFTs serve as digital archives, preserving Wisconsin’s cultural and natural heritage for generations to come. Through this initiative, Digideez and Found in Wisconsin contribute to the documentation and celebration of the state’s rich tapestry of landscapes, fostering a deeper connection between people and place.

Collectors who acquire these Scenic WAX NFTs not only gain ownership of a unique digital artwork but also become stewards of Wisconsin’s heritage. With each acquisition, they play a vital role in preserving and promoting the state’s beauty and culture on a global scale.

In essence, the collaboration between Digideez and Found in Wisconsin represents a harmonious blend of art, technology, and cultural preservation. Through the creation of Scenic WAX NFTs, they invite enthusiasts to embark on a digital exploration of Wisconsin’s beauty, fostering appreciation and admiration for the state’s enchanting landscapes.

If you are a Photographer, weekend warrior, or just have some stunning photos of Wisconsin Landscapes and/or Landmarks and want to be involved, email Lane at: digideezllc@gmail.com



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