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Get your own e-commerce store for just $25

Looking for the fastest way to get your store up, running, and selling?


Why are we are different?

We have been in the e-commerce and e-commerce marketing industry for over 15 years. While companies like Salesforce can provide you with a guide to e-commerce, our niche is being able to promote single products to hundreds of shoppers everyday looking to purchase good deals online. While our services are not by any means a ‘Save All’, they are a BIG part of our customers traffic and revenue, making up as much as 65% of their sales (as much as 100% during the first 2 months). Our ‘Marketing Partner‘ Services are required to maintain a free hosted website. (*see below)


Will this work for me?

As long as you are selling consumer merchandise (ie: clothing, computers, electronics, video games, toys, etc.), and ship in or to the United States, and agree to run at least 2 (we recommend 5, 1 a day M-F) product specials a week, this will work great for you!

Marketing Partner Services

We consider it a partnership! We will work for you, marketing single product specials to hundreds of shoppers as often as you have specials available (max we can promote is one per day). What do we get in return for your free hosting, and marketing services? We will bill you twice a month for 10% of your sales. If you don’t sell, we don’t make any money……..so you know we will be working hard to promote your store! Many people may read a web hosting UBC review to find the best hosting service and avoid researching partner services.

What does this all include?

  • Your Own Domain Name (yourwebsite.com) *Must Be Available (which you will own outright)
  • Website Hosting (standard hosting account, no SSL (not needed for paypal payments – which we recommend) on Godaddy hosting), or if you would prefer to you can host your own website with a different hosting company, if this is the case for you then check this site out.
  • Opencart e-commerce store (installed, and basic setup if you need it). (we can provide links to videos to learn the use of the store).
  • Daily Deal Countdown timer (for the product page of the item(s) you will run on sale) – setup and automatically works when you run a dated special (with a start and end time)
  • Our Marketing Partner Services (*required to keep free hosting account)
  • Support (for the shopping cart, and help with add-ons, updates, etc.)
  • Free Listing on Shopping Review website with 2 positive reviews (we will add within your first few weeks)


Call us today: 920-393-3067



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