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Packer Week on NFL Channel

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So it’s Dynasty week on the NFL channel and while I’m very much enjoying that it’s mainly focusing on Brett Farve. What!? First, there  is more to the Packers then Mr. Farve, and second stop it. It’s like a dagger to the heart. Every time you put up Farves picture its followed by a picture of him in that god awful purple uniform. It’s horrendous. It’s Packer week and it’s like a week of twisting the knife in our back. They are replaying a lot of the Favre stuff. Like Farve mic’d up, but they only played Rodgers mic’d up once, Clay Matthews mic’d up twice, replayed the Super Bowl XLV twice, but replayed Super Bowl XXXI about 10 times….apparently Farve is more important than Rodgers and I disagree. In addition unless you are a huge Packer fan or live in Wisconsin you wouldn’t notice the voice that is accompanying 90% of the videos is Larry McCarren, who is a big deal here in Wisconsin and a voice that’s well recognized. I’m not sure if they used it as a nod to his years as a player cause it was Packer week. It’s the NFL channel so I know they have permission to show Madden and all the other announcers and players so I’m sticking with the fact that they used McCarren cause he’s an x player and now an announcer.

I really think that as a player Rodgers is more exciting. He does hold onto the ball a little too long when he should throw it away but I’d rather he do that and take a 5-10 yard loss than try to thread the needle and turn it over.  He could throw it to the sidelines which he doesn’t do as often as he should which I believe is because he is trying to keep the drive alive and is hoping to stay on his feet and see someone open.  He has those amazing plays without the interceptions, and can scramble in the pocket as well as Farve. Ok granted with Farve if you weren’t a Packer fan he was probably more fun to watch cause it was like watchin a motorcycle stunt show. You got the high fly stunts and the crashes which is why the people watch. However, as a Packer fan those throws are what turned my hair gray and if you watch Holmgren through the years you’ll see him slowly  lose his hair. I truly believe that Farve was the reason Holmgren lost or pulled out his hair. If you notice once he left Green Bay his hair stopped receding…’s interesting.

What do you think?

Written by Lane B


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