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Vote for the top 10 best Packer Quarterbacks of all time

Over the course of the Packers 96 years (94 years with the NFL and 2 years Independently)  we have had 24 different starting Quarterbacks. Some have been great and their names are forever etched in our memories and our hearts. Then again some have not been as memorable and unfortunately if you walked up to the average Wisconsite they may not even know who they were. For instance can you recall who the starting Quarterback was in 1931? Don’t peek? Yeah. For the few that knew. You are a true die hard fan. I love my Packers but I wouldn’t have know it was Paul Fitzgibbon. What we are looking for here is to list the top 10 Quarterbacks from the last 96 years. Think carefully. These are all QBs that were the starting QBs for the year, not the backups. Of course someone somewhere will argue that you can’t compare QBs from the early years because it wasn’t the same game. I mean comeon Fitzgibbon was a wide receiver for goodness sake. Not like the QBs like we know QBs now. Well do your best. This is all for fun. It’s not like we are giving these guys a trophy or a $100,000 prize. So get your thinking caps on. Some might be a little hard to remember, or you might not even recognize any of the names at all. In that case at least you are learning something.[socialpoll id=”2289713″]

What do you think?

Written by Lane

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