Politics and the State of our Future – The Ugly Truth

I don’t get politics. I just don’t. Here we are having Hillary and Trump being shoved down our throats 24/7. The news basically makes us feel like they are the only choices we have. Well I am sorry but that’s not good enough. I don’t like either choice. Everyone I talk to doesn’t like either choice. Where are these people who support either one of these people? I see them on the news cheering for their delegate but I have yet to meet someone who like Hillary or Trump. Where is a person who just wants to be President to create a better America?

Now maybe someone will come forward and remark well Trump is that person because of this…or Hillary is that person because of this. But then I would ask what about the fact that Trump has not never had to answer to anyone because he runs his own company or the fact that he’ll have to reign in the way he speaks to people and he back peddles more than a duck seeing an alligator.

But here’s the deal. We have no government that is looking out for us. They are looking out for themselves.

Clinton does not care about the common people and will not improve our quality of living

Trump does not care about the common people and will not improve our quality of living

And do you even know about the other candidates running on the other tickets? Probably because no one pays attention to them. Well just so you know. It is Jill Stein under the Green ticket and Gary Johnson under the Libertarian Party.  But I am sure you won’t hear about their ideas or anything on the news because no one cares. They only care about the mudslinging between Thing 1 and Thing 2.

Every election year since the beginning of our government the same promises have been made by possible presidential candidates in some way shape or form.






AFFORDABLE HEALTHCARE FOR ALL (we aren’t going to debate on whether or not Obama achieved this)

BALANCE OUR BUDGET (granted this probably wasn’t an issue during Lincolns time)

The government is no longer the people’s government. It is has become the government of the elite megarich few.

This is how I imagine our President is chosen.

I imagine a round table in a small room with about 10 or 15 rich, well-educated and Napoleonic men deciding the fate of America like you would decide the toppings on a pizza. They decide who will be the next President based on who will follow their directions best. What will benefit THEM the best?

To create change in America it would require a cooperation between the citizens of the United States and we as a nation and certainly as people are not capable of doing that. We are too busy with our finger pointing and our name calling to actually pull together and force the government to bend to our will.

Are you offended by that statement?

You should be. You should be pissed and you should want to do something about it because it is The Ugly Truth.

We are a nation of bickering absentee adults, ran by pampered elitist teenagers. The teenagers run amok doing what they want, buying what they want, demanding from the parents what they want when they want and we just give it to them because they have no repercussions. It isn’t until someone comes into our house and attacks us that we band together as a nation and become united, but hell by then it’s too late. The damage has been done. People have died.

What’s worse is that over the course of the last 241 years of Americas history we haven’t learned a thing. Even worse than that is that the first recorded war was in Mesopotamia in 2700 BCE. That is 4,610 (approx) years ago and as the human race we are still fighting and killing each other each and every day for virtually nothing.

All we do is fight and kill each other. We draw our lines in the sand and dare the other side to cross it. Each person calls themselves something different.

I am American Indian

I am African American

I am Mexican American

I am Italian American

I am Russian

I am Muslim

I am transgender

I am gay

I am a man

I am a woman

But all these words mean nothing

Because when the world burns and we are all gone we will all just be skeletons and then our race, sexual preference, religious preference, place of birth, thoughts and feelings will mean nothing.

It all comes down to this we are only part of one race.

And that is the HUMAN RACE and that is the ONLY RACE THAT MATTERS!

And that is The Ugly Truth

What do you think?

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Written by Lane B


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