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The Three F’s To Love in Wisconsin

It’s not words I am taking about here……The Three F’s To Love in Wisconsin are some of Wisconsin’s Favorite Things about our State!

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    • FALL

It’s actually funny that FALL is the first of my F’s….because it also happens to be the time of year many Wisconsinites love which also includes my next two F’s!  Besides that, fall is the perfect time of year for Hunting, Road Trips, and Walking on leave covered sidewalks and looking at the colorful changing trees. The beautiful views are even more spectacular if you can get on or near any one of Wisconsin’s Lakes. One more thing you don’t want to miss is the awesome Haunted Houses all throughout the state. See Our Lists & reviews


One of my favorite F’s is Fishing! There are so many great places to Fish in Wisconsin that it is very hard to pick and choose the best to write about,….so I am going to be selfish and talk about my favorite…..the Fall Salmon Run!

Salmon Run? Yep….you read that right! Salmon make a fall spawning run up the Lake Michigan Tributaries usually up to the first dam. Along with the Chinook and Coho Salmon, you will also see quite a few Steelhead and Brown Trout making a dry run along side them. It is one of the coolest fishing experiences I have ever had and I have been hooked  ever since my first time catching one in Kewaunee back in 1999. These fish are just massive and it takes a lot of time and patience to not only hook them, but to finally reel them in after the pretty common 10-20 minute session of wearing the fish down enough to land it. Fish 15-20lbs are very standard with a few reaching 30-40lbs.  The weirdest part of it all, is that the Salmon (not the Trout) come up stream to mate and die! The fish actually start to turn black as they end their life cycle and can sometimes even be seen still swimming as their skin and fins are literally falling off (usually later in the season). So when do they run? It all depends on the weather and temperature on the water…..but usually sometime in early to mid September through early October.


High School, College, and of coarse Professional Football are huge part of Wisconsin. The Green Bay Packers make Wisconsin what we are almost as much as if not more than our love of beer. Late Summer/Fall starts our favorite time of year….Football Season!



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