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Taking Northeast Wisconsin By Storm – Bingo?

Let me first start off by quoting a saying: ‘This is not just your Grandma’s Game Anymore. That is one of many fun taglines a new Wisconsin Business is using to promote their new Bingo Game that is Free for customers to play and is being played in local area bars in Northeast Wisconsin.

Free Jackpot Bingo is a Bar Bingo Game where customers can come and play 10 games during a 2 hour show completely for free and have the opportunity to win hundreds of dollars in cash and prizes. The bingo card is completely free and daubers are provided to use during the games. The prizes vary from fun little gadgets, candles, and blankets to gift cards from local businesses. There is also a Progressive Jackpot that is available during the last game of every show that is usually $500 or more. If nobody wins at any location during the week, the amount goes up and it gets easier to win!  If you are asking ‘how does that work’? *Read more about it below.

What makes Free Jackpot Bingo Different from regular bingo?
The game is shown through TV Screens at each location and a LIVE host also calls the numbers. The game itself is not really different, besides a few fun tie-breakers, it’s just a lot more fun because you are out having a couple drinks with friends, family, and other players looking to have a good time. The vibe as a whole is way different from your normal Bingo Hall. Many of the locations also serve food, and there is usually some sort of special during the games. Recently a ‘Player’s Club‘ was added for those interested in trying to earn more prizes and just for extra fun.

Locations where you can play Free Jackpot Bingo
There are now 11 shows a week (more to be added soon) in the Appleton Area, Green Bay Area, and in Calumet County.


*PROGRESSIVE JACKPOTS: The Progressive Jackpot is available during the last game (game #10) of the evening at every location. To win the jackpot you must get a complete blackout within a certain number of calls. If nobody wins at any location during a full week (Sun-Sat) the Jackpot will increase on Monday morning and the number of calls will go up making it a little easier to win.


Looking for more information?

Free Jackpot Bingo is always interested in speaking with potential new locations to host shows.
If you have a bar or business you can visit:

For potential jobs, events, and other information, checkout our Facebook Page:

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Written by Lane

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