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Brian McKenzie Is Breaking Out

Joni Mitchell, Willie Nelson, James Taylor,  Hank Williams, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Kurt Cobain, Ray Charles, Merle Haggard

These are the singer songwriters that have helped shaped the fabric of the music we listen to today. What would Rihanna’s music be without Bob Marley?  Where would country be today without Hank, Merle, and Willie? How did Ray Charles, Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain change the history of rock/alternative as we know it today?

New England singer/songwriter Brian McKenzie has burst on the scene with his new album ‘Bruising From the Fall’ and official music video “Higher Than This”. The video originally premiered on Paste Magazine. It was shot by Andy McCarthy and Brett Davey.

Track List:
1. Higher Than This
2. Later On
3. One with the Sun
4. Bruising from the Fall
5. Someday
6. The In-Between
7. Justified (Long Way Down

Paste Magazine said this about Brian,

“McKenzie often conveys his songs in story form that leads the listener to the possibility of two-fold meanings. Today’s release is thought-provokingly titled ‘Higher Than This,’ exhibits his writing skills, along with video imagery that lends itself to speak of a story creating strong, reflective emotions. These observations can bring forward a self-awareness that either soothingly imparts itself to hope or leads to the somber realities of dealing with a loss and moving on. As with many of McKenzie’s songs, the perspective his fans take from his music and video work depends on where the listener is in their own world.” – Paste Magazine

He seamlessly transitions betweens soft rock, country, pop and back again without missing a beat. His album is a menagerie of sounds. Check out some of his older material. Including his fantastic cover of Charlie Rich’s ‘Who Will The Next Fool Be’ and his original song ‘Tennessee’ which is a great country song.

Look for Brian McKenzie on tour in March in Austin, including SXSW, and New York, with a more extensive tour in June. For more information visit brianmckenzie.com  

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