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Interesting Facts About Wisconsin

I’m sitting here pondering what to write about next, I’ve only been here in Wisconsin for five years and lived in Sheboygan, Manitowoc, Random Lake and now Two Rivers. So I thought why not google, “Interesting Facts about Wisconsin” and this is what I came across which some I found that’s really intriguing.

  1. Did you know the first ever sundae was served in Two Rivers, Wisconsin at the Washington House the article I mentioned the other day? This happened in 1881!
  2. The term “Cheesehead” actually started with the German soldiers, they used that word to insult the Dutch during World War II. The first Cheesehead was worn at a Brewers game not a Packer game and it was a couch cushion with holes burned in the foam and painted in yellow.
  3. Did you know we have famous celebrities that are Packers fan? They are: Lil Wayne, Harry Styles, Larry the Cable Guy, Erin Andrews, Ryan Reynolds (would marry this guy if I could!), David Ortiz, Shawn Johnson, Ellen DeGeneres and lastly, Justin Timberlake. Maybe you’ll run into one of them at Lambeau!
  4. Wisconsin State symbol the Badgers actually doesn’t represent the animal but instead to the 1820’s lead miners who traveled for work and dug tunnels to sleep and keep warm, a lot like the badger.
  5. Did you know Wisconsin banned the sale and use of margarine? It was banned from 1895 to 1967. When the ban was lifted, some restriction still apply today, it is still illegal for restaurant to serve margarine as butter substitute unless the customer requests it.
  6. With the recent polar vortex of having -60 wind chill, did you know the coldest temperature ever recorded was -55 degree F in Sawyer County in 1996 and that doesn’t count wind chill!! Brrrr!!
  7. Did you know that the largest wooly mammoth ever to be found was in Kenosha, the replica can be viewed at the Milwaukee Public Museum.
  8. Sheboygan is known as “Malibu of the Midwest” where surfers goes between September and March! People are crazy man!
  9. Arthur MacArthur Jr was the first person to say “On, Wisconsin” in the battle of Chattanooga at Missionary Ridge during the Civil War.
  10. Tim Keck and Christopher Johnson started the most famous news “The Onion” they went to University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1988.

I found those facts at: https://www.travelwisconsin.com/article/tours/20-things-you-may-not-have-known-about-wisconsin



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