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You Report the News – How Technology Changed Us

Technology has really changed the way we read and how you report the news.

In the beginning, there was Newspapers. Oh, I know some still exist, but many have stopped all together or focused on a newer medium such as the internet.

Then there was Radio. – Still used quite a bit today, though many listeners have turned to internet radio or services offered through their cellphone apps.

Then came Television. – Still widely used today, but many users have now turned to Cable or Satellite Services, and more and more are using internet or services like ‘Netflix’.

Next was the Internet – Used widely by the majority. First with Desktop Computers, then Laptops, but used even more now by cellphone and tablet users.

Cellular Service – Ok, yes, it may have actually all started before the internet as we know it today, but it was not a common service for consumers until later. – Cellphones & Tablets have ultimately taken over for almost every medium available for us to keep informed and connected to people and news.

nokia-926756_640Many news stories you hear, read, or watch today have been in some way connected by cellphone use. It may have been reported by a user, a picture or video may have been taken, or maybe a simple phone call was made to a news source (Paper, Radio, Website, or TV Station). It is like we all have the news right in our own hands! There are way more of us then there are news reporters, we are more wide spread with technology to capture and report anything we see!



YOU REPORT THE NEWS – If you capture pictures, videos, or anything you think would be great to share with our readers in Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, or Wisconsin, feel free to submit a story.





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Written by Lane

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