We’re Back!!!!!!!! How You Can Help

As many of you know, our server was hacked back in November, and that along with the holidays equals really bad timing. We are now back up and running, but would really love some help from you, our fellow Wisconsinites.

What kind of help?

We are actually looking for ideas, opinions, and even some people willing to contribute and/or manage articles, website sections, etc.

You see, Found in Wisconsin has been a labor of love. We write articles, promote businesses, musicians, and events in Wisconsin, and it is all done on our own time with no monetary compensation. So we are looking for ways to expand our reach, article writers, our categories, and find ways to monetize with advertising, etc.

We also own some key domain names that could help grow our readers and keep them interactive with our website. Many of them will just eventually point back to sections on Found in Wisconsin dedicated to a category, and some may be a stand alone website linked to and from

Here are some of the domain names we own:

  • (this website is still running…but we are going to move the event listings to – the domain ‘’ will still link to the events!)
  • (currently showcases great musicians in Wisconsin)
  • (meant to be a website to find & post wisconsin jobs for free!)
  • (this website was getting some good traffic and promoted Wisconsin Businesses with reviews, directions, and much more!) – This website backup was corrupt and we were unable to restore it.

So leave us a comment, live message us, or get in touch with us via email with any ideas, suggestions, or how you would like to help.  We look forward to hearing from you!

What do you think?

Written by Daniella B

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