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Red Light Saints – Putting the Town on the Map for Something other than The Home Team

The term ‘Putting the Town on the Map for Something other than The Home Team’, was taken straight from a lyric on ‘On the Pavement’, one of the songs from the new EP ‘The Legend of Jasper Pipestone’ from Red Light Saints.

It was not mentioned in any disrespect to our main attraction, ‘The Packers’, but this band, the Red Light Saints is one of the first bands in a very long time to take on the challenge of actually becoming a national touring rock band. They have completed two national tours across the U.S. in the last year with 80’s sleeze rockers ‘Faster Pussycat’, including major stops and shows in NYC and Los Angeles. Their new EP, was professionally recorded and produced at ‘The Mix Room‘ in Burbank, CA., by Paul Pavao, who has worked with Fuel, Device, Stone Temple Pilots, Lady Gaga, Breaking Benjamin, Hollywood Undead, Red, Sick Puppies, and many, many more.

Not only are these five rockers from the Green Bay area good musicians, they are also big fans of the local music scene. They mention the local music scene in an interview with National Rock Review. Here is a small excerpt from the interview:

LUKE: In Northeast Wisconsin, you’re never going to be discovered because it’s Northeast Wisconsin. That being said, the quality of musicianship you find is absurd. It’s through the fucking roof. There are so many amazing players where we come from. We travel all around. We go to Vegas, L.A., New York, wherever, and the players who come from our area will play the pants off any of the studio musicians from those other areas.
LANE: We have a honey pot of amazing musicians and it just helps us step up our game.

Northeast Wisconsin is a great place for festivals, outdoor concerts in the summer, and bar shows. Most bands in the area are playing “cover shows” (songs from popular known artists), and Red Light Saints didn’t start much different. Even now, between national touring dates, they play local clubs and festivals, and mix in some covers with their very well written, melodic rock songs.
Red Light Saints first single ‘Say What You Will‘ was released just a few weeks ago, and is being played on local and nation stations, as well as Sirius XM Octane Radio. If your not already a fan (one of over 20K on their facebook), you should be! If nothing else, to support the local boys trying to make it big!

Help Red Light Saints by requesting their song ‘Say What You Will’ to be played on the radio. Their songs get counted on the Rock Charts!

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You can see Red Light Saints this weekend (Sun May 25th) @ Celebrate DePere Festival in DePere, WI.  Click Here for other Tour Dates



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