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Buying and Selling Groups On Facebook – The Ugly Truth

Howdy ya’ll. It’s been awhile.

I am sure if you are on Facebook you have seen the many, many Facebook groups out there. There is a group for just about everything, especially buying and selling. However, with the buying and selling you are doing it within in your community and unlike a newspaper ad or Craigslist or some other anonymous advisement you will more than likely run into the people in these groups over again while you buy and sell.

Here’s the problem. You’d think that these groups would be about pro community, about your neighbors looking our for you. But no. In fact it might be worse. Your neighbors might be more likely to screw you over in a deal.

Let’s take a deal that just occurred yesterday. Attached you will find the exact ad, minus her name.

Screenshot_20160703-142831 (2)

A lady was selling a pool that she claimed was in perfect condition for $75. Only had it for 2 years. Claimed it had no holes. So we took her word on it and bought it. Brought it home and then upon inspecting it closer while trying to inflating it found that it was riddled with holes on the top half. Ok…..that’s fixable. Fixed that. Then started filling it with water and all of sudden it was like trying to plug a damn full of holes.

It was impossible. The pool was a complete loss. I contacted her to let her know that the pool was not what she advertised and that I just wanted her to be aware of the situation. We then continued to try to salvage the situation.

After some time it was apparent the pool could not be salvaged. I then attempted to contact her to see if we could come to an agreement about the situation, however that was impossible because she had blocked me. So, that lead me to believe that she was an unscrupulous seller. I then took to the group that I bought the pool from and notified other buyers that she was less than honest about its condition.

She saw the post. Tagged a person and then 5 hours later returned with all her friends and started to attack me and spread lies. Her lies were wild and outrageous from having proof that the pool was inflated a mere 24 hours after it was bought (impossible) to me eyeing her property and making offers. To other outrageous lies that were preposterous. In fact at 5 pm one of her family members contacted me embarrassed by her antics and said that they would try to remedy the situation as much as possible. She also claimed to message my husband however I was the one she was dealing with on the deal. How can people live like that. Now I have no reason to lie here because hell no one knows who I am and besides I am not releasing her name….it is all about being honest. I would have accepted a simple I am sorry.

We are supposed to be a community. This chick lives 12 miles away from me. We are in the same community. If a disaster hits this could very well be the arms of the same person that I could be putting my life or the lives of children’s in. How can I trust someone like that to not just put a bullet through their head when we are no more use to them?

If someone in a Facebook group which has high visibility and little to hide behind is so anxious to rip you off what is not to say they won’t take every opportunity to steal the social security check our of your mailbox, break the lock on your back door just to get access to your medication or care more about their Facebook posts then paying attention to where the children are that they are supposed to be watching.

These people often seem quite legitimate and its because the honest people are too scared to call them out in fear of retaliation. It is time to stop being bullied by these cyber criminals. It is time to STAND UP FOR HONESTY.

The honest sellers and buyers of the groups have a moral responsibility to force these people out of these groups and let them know that they ARE NOT WELCOME.





And whether you like it or not folks that’s The Ugly Truth. Down with the scammers, thieves and con artists that think they can take advantage of hard working people right inside their own communities

What do you think?

Written by Lane B

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