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Review – Lost on Netflix

I had heard about Lost from the moment it came out. For the first couple of seasons the day after the show aired there was always talk about how awesome it was. I thought about watching it. Considered watching it, but at that time there was no DVR yet and everyone told me,

“If you haven’t seen it since the beginning then you won’t understand it if you start watching it now.” So, I just put it out of my mind.

A couple of years goes by and then I start hearing about how it took a huge left turn and “WOAH, where did that come from?”

Again, though I hadn’t watched it from the beginning so I put it out of my mind and move on with life. I had watched a lot of great shows since then, Survivor, House, CSI, The Office, Fringe, How I Met Your Mother….all great shows. Eventually though through the magic of Netflix I had the opportunity to watch Lost from the beginning.

They were right the first couple of seasons were AWESOME. I mean the anticipation, drama, and frustration was just mind blowing. The flash backwards were sometimes annoying because they were confusing, but it was awesome to see how all the players fit together.

Then you have to understand something. Lost was only supposed to be a mini series, so once it went past a certain point the writers had to kind of hustle to figure out what to do with the characters. This made things a little muddled at one point and confusing.

Once I told people that I was watching Lost they said that the ending would make me mad. Boy were they right.

I can say I am glad that I finally watched it, because there are certain references to the show in other movies (Wedding Ringer) that you wouldn’t understand if you hadn’t watched the show.

So, I would definitely recommend watching it so you can at least say you did.




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