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Eve to Adam’s ‘Odyssey’ Album, Upcoming Tour & Stuff

First I must apologize to Eve to Adam because there are a few things I need to get off my chest and clarify when it comes to Rock ‘n’ Roll, because I believe that great bands like yours are getting unjustly treated by these so called “experts” in the industry.

For the past 18 years I have been involved in the music scene in some form or another. I have been involved with bands before they hit it big and with bands after their prime.

First, any writer who always comments that they are a huge fan of every band they review is a liar. It is nearly impossible to be a huge fan of every band that comes your way. Then there is the whole thing that people who review albums are biased based on their tastes. Someone who is a fan of Rock and Metal isn’t going to be very good at reviewing a Folk album. In the same breath Eve to Adam’s style of music isn’t the same as Avenged Sevenfold. In fact, generally the terms Rock/Metal/Punk are interchangeable. If you don’t believe me just look at the Grammy’s and who they nominate in the Rock and Metal categories. Sometimes it is someone who isn’t even remotely Rock. Don’t even get me started on Beyonce getting nominated for a Rock Grammy (it says FT. Jack White but all he does is play guitar, this song is NOT ROCK) but seriously Beyonce in the same category at Disturbed. Is it the end of days?

In fact music today isn’t even the same ballgame it was in the 90’s.

When Soundgarden had their first mainstream hit with ‘Spoonman’ in 1994 off of their “Superunknown” album a person had to decide whether they loved that song enough to go drop $10-$19.99 on a CD, and when you did decide to buy the CD you listened to the whole CD over and over again in order to get every penny out of that CD. If you ended up loving the band you went looking for previous CD’s. In this case there were 3 albums prior to “Superunknown”.

The point of this little story is that it meant that when you went to a Soundgarden concert you knew every song they played because you  more than likely had hit repeat on that CD player and drove your parents nuts.

Today is WAAYYY different.

I have been involved with Pop Evil (indirectly) for a long time, basically since they started touring nationally. Back then they were playing in a room that maybe held 500 at capacity and it wasn’t filled to capacity. When they got their first big hit with “100 in a 55” nobody had to decide whether they wanted to buy a whole CD. You only had to pay $.99 for the song on iTunes. That meant for the most part you hardly knew the rest of the songs on their set list.

Now of course they have kicked some major butt and have put the time in on the road to build the following and success that they have.

This means that today it is not uncommon to run into someone who calls themselves a “fan” of the band but yet doesn’t know half of the songs that the band plays during their live show.

I made that mistake when I saw Slipknot and Sevendust. I love their music but I fell into that category of calling myself a fan but discovered that I was what I now call a “radio fan”.

If you like a bands music the first time you hear it, give them the courtesy of listening to their whole album over and over again. I wasn’t a fan of Breaking Benjamins “Saturate” but I sat with it on replay and I ended up loving every song.

However, a few years back Rock n Roll was declared dead by Gene Simmons of all people, and then Slash came running to Rock’s side to declare that it was NOT dead. To be honest it is hard not to believe that true Rock ‘n’ Roll is dead when artists like Beyonce are nominated for a Best Rock Performance Grammy, and Fall Out Boy, Lorde and Alabama Shakes are getting awards in the Rock Categories at awards shows, I have no problem with any of these artists they are all great at what they do but they are NOT Rock ‘n’ Roll.

I have asked every band I have interviewed their thoughts.

Matt Dirito said “Rock ‘n’ Roll is a lifestyle. To me and to the people that come out and to the people that enjoy it. It’s a lifestyle. As long as those people are alive, it will never die. That’s my take on it anyway.”

Matt Walst of Three Days Grace answered “Look at that crowd out there. Does it look like Rock ‘n’ Roll is dead?” 

Zach Myers of Shinedown answered “No Rock ‘n’ Roll is definitely not dead.”

And Front man and Founder of Eve To Adam Taki Sassaris saysRock and Roll is far from dead, and in fact it is making a huge comeback. I have dedicated my life to the fact that there is no greater, dynamic live art form than a Rock band firing on all cylinders, leaving a piece of their soul on the stage and taking the crowd with them on a roller coaster ride through the emotional spectrum of the human experience! We live to push these boundaries every night. That’s what this is all about!

Eve to Adam had their first taste of big success with their 2013 hit ‘Immortal’ (reached #13 in Active Rock) however, they have been around for a long time.


They formed in 2001 in good ole New York City. The band consists of Taki Sassaris (vocals) Alex Sassaris (drums – yes they are brothers)  Lawrence Coleman III (guitar) Markus Wells II (guitar) Matt Spaker (bass)  – And if having a sibling in a band is any sign of luck just look at other bands that have siblings – The Allman Brothers – Bee Gees – Van Halen – Three Days Grace – 30 Seconds to Mars – AC/DC – The Black Crowes – need I go on?

Eve to Adams dropped their first album in 2001 with

“Auburn Slip” then

“Queens to Eden” in 2007 then

“Banquet for a Starving Dog” in 2011 then

“Locked and Loaded” in 2013 and finally the newest release

“Odyssey” February 20, 2017

If you liked Immortal but didn’t feel compelled to buy the whole “Locked and Loaded” album (you missed out)  in 2013 let me tell you what you’ll find in Odyssey.

The tracks are

1 – Altitude

2 – Tongue Tied

3 – Undertow

4 – The Price

5 – Emergency

6 – Landfill

7 – Chasing Ghosts

8 – Hurt Me

9 – Day Drinkin

Now I do want to address the last song (Day Drinkin) right off the bat. I had the same thought you might have had when you saw it.

“Did Eve to Adam really cover Little Big Towns ‘Day Drinking’?” and I can emphatically answer NO they did not. So you can rest easy.

As for the rest of the album.

If you are an Eve to Adam fan you will love ‘Odyssey’. It has everything you have come to know and love about Eve to Adam. They did not decide to pull a 180 and change up their writing style suddenly like some bands so, WHEW!

The album is guitar driven which I love personally. Every song keeps the momentum going throughout the entire album. You are not going to find some sappy slow ballad here. Taki’s vocals carry over everything and have a beautiful melodic quality even on the heaviest of tracks.

“Altitude’ is the first song on “Odyssey” and Eve To Adam makes sure you know that they mean business. You can immediately feel your blood start pumping and your heart racing as your body reacts to the low end of the bass, the siren call of the guitar, the pulse pumping drums, and the emotional plea of the words when Taki sings.

‘Tongue Tied’ is the name of their current tour and the song is full of energy. What I enjoy is the fact that it has a guitar solo. I want more of those. I loved hearing it in the song and hearing the guitar getting put out front in the song.

‘Chasing Ghosts’ quickly became my favorite song and I predict it will be a bigger hit than ‘Immortal’ if released. I also believe that ‘Landfill’ is very radio friendly. It has a great vibe.

‘Lucky’ is that song that you want to play when you need that extra push. When you are working out and you need that push in your soul. The guitar riff pushes and pushes and the use of the Wah pedal makes you want to push even harder. (for those not familiar with what a Wah pedal is go to Youtube and find Joe Satriani Plays “Surfing with the Alien”.)  Of course a double bass always helps to get your blood pumping and energy up, and thankfully it is used tastefully and in just the right spots.

Hey, I listened to this album over and over, over the course of a week. My chair was always rocking up and down to the beat, and it felt like I had taken Adderall. It kept me moving and focused like a dagger to the dartboard.

All the songs on the album deserve a few rotations and go out and support their tour. You won’t be disappointed.









What do you think?

Written by Lane

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