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Do We Dare Cheer For Minnesota?

As a Packer fan, I dislike the Vikings immensely. As I believe most Packers fans do.

This being said, however, there are forces at work beyond my control.

When the post season starts and the Packers are out I usually find myself cheering for the North (which usually does not include the Vikequeens).

But this year it does. I mean Farve went there and personally it still stings a little.

However…….tomorrow on the 21st.  The Vikings will go head to head against Atlanta in Atlanta. The Patriots will line up opposite Jacksonville at home.

The Patriots will go first (and FYI Brady is questionable for the game) and then the Vikings will play.

So, here is where I am in this whole situation.

First, I dislike the Patriots slightly more than I dislike the Vikings.

Second, the Superbowl is AT U.S Bank Stadium. SHOULD the Vikings advance to the SB they would be the ONLY team in NFL history to ever play the Super Bowl at their home stadium!!! The 9ers and the Rams both came close in Super Bowl XIX and Super Bowl XIV but they actually just played in the same city. 9ers played at Standford Stadium instead of Candlestick and the Rams at the Rose Bowl instead of LA Memorial Coliseum.

THIS WOULD BE HISTORY PEOPLE!!! The NFC North would be the ONLY Division to hold this distinction…but the Vikings???

And if they won!!

Well, two things would occur. They would be the ONLY team to not only PLAY on their home turf but to win, and considering there have been 51 Super Bowls and this is the first occurrence it could be another 51 years before it happens again.

Consider the next 4 SBs are being held at

  • Mercedes-Benz Stadium/Atlanta 2019
  • Hard Rock Stadium/Miami Gardens 2020
  • Raymond James Stadium/Tampa 2021
  • LA Stadium at Hollywood Park/LA 2022


  • 2019 – If Hotlanta can keep up their streak maybe next year they can make it to their own home field SB. But you know what happens year to year. A team can completely fall apart in a year
  • 2020 – With a record of 6-10, I don’t see the Dolphins on track to being a SB team by 2020 unless some big changes are made
  • 2021- the Buccs are even worse then the Dolphins with a record of 5-11. Is it the weather in Florida? Too much golf time with Trump? WHAT?? No that can’t be it because Jacksonville is playing the Pats. Either way the Buccs have an even worse chance of being a SB home field fav however, though they have a longer time to get their act together.
  • 2022 – The Rams did well this year (and us older folks who kept slipping up and calling them the L.A Rams instead of the St. Louis Rams are finally relived to see them back at home) but they would have to keep that up for 4 years in order to have a shot of being a home field SB fav, but hey the Pack has done well for 10 years under Rodg so who knows. But I doubt it.


The second occurrence is that this would be the first SB win for the Vikings. Plus bonus, the Patriots have won 5 SB but lost 4 so this would make a nice even 5 – 5. So their record on winning SB would be 50/50 and I like the sound of that.

But ughhh… It would be the Vikings. It would be like getting that awesome Golden 100″ 4k Smart TV with Alexa and free cable, Netflix, and Hulu for life that you have coveted for so long. However, every day you look at it you know that you got it by sneaking it out of your neighbors house, after calling 911, when he died of a heart attack. You would NEVER be able to fully enjoy it. It’s tainted. FORRRREEVVVEEERRRRR.

But it’s a Golden 100″ 4k Smart TV with Alexa and free cable, Netflix, and Hulu for LIFE!

That is the Vikings winning the Super Bowl at home.

Hey, I never said this post was going to make sense….it is all just random thoughts running through my head folks!

Now, for the stuff that DOES NOT make me want to cheer them on.

Vikings fan are going to be UNBEARABLE next year if they win. Every GB vs MN game it’s going to Super Bowl Champs this and Super Bowl Champs that and Lombardi lives here now………uuughhhhh.

It’s like going on a binger…it seems like a really good idea at the moment……but that next morning you are asking yourself WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING? I will never do that again?

So…I am on the fence…..Pats? Vikes? Or do I sit here and viciously root for them both to get their butts both kicked today and booted out of the Super Bowl…..ahhh that’d be sweet justice.

But if they both get there which one would you be rooting for?


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What do you think?

Written by Alisa Bashaw

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